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The company wasfounded on 1st January 1934, by the late Robert Marcus, who emigrated from Germany where he had practised since 1929 as a qualified loss adjuster andsworn-in expert accredited at the Courts of Law.

When the late Robert Marcus emigrated to Israel from Germany, loss adjustment as practiced in Europe was unknown and insurance claims were settled by bargaining between the parties concerned. He introduced the modern scientific approach according to which loss assessments are based on technical data and facts. His professional success grew quickly and very soon he was working for both local companies and overseas Insurers. 

The firm's international connections date back to that early period and have been maintained and strengthened. Since the early seventies, Robert Marcus Loss Adjusters has successfully handled claim adjustments in countries outside of Israel.  

The company headquarters are located in Tel Aviv and there is also a branch situated near Haifa. 

When Mr. Robert Marcus came to Israel, loss adjustment as practised in Europe was virtually unknown and insurance claims were settled by bargaining between the parties concerned. He introduced the modern scientific approach according to which loss assessments are based on technical data and facts. His professional success was inevitable and very soon he was working for both the local companies and foreign Insurers world wide. The firm's international connections date back to that period and have been maintained and strengthened ever since.

Since the early seventies, Robert Marcus & Co handled claim adjustments in countries outside of Israel.

As of January 1994,Robert Marcus & Co was purchased by Robert Marcus Loss Adjusters Ltd.  The majority of shares are held by the partners of Robert Marcus & Co. and the remainder are held by the Investment House of Singer - Barnea (this firm has no interests in the Insurance Market).

Yona Marcus (theson of the founder) together with Avi Erlich continued to run the business until 1988 when Yona Marcus left the company and Avi Erlich became the Managing Director. 

The company took over all the activities of the partnership.

After the death of Avi Erlich, Yona Marcus returned to the company in the capacity of CEO and is currently serving as the President of Robert Marcus Ltd.


President:  Marcus, Yona.

    Mechanical& Production Engineer (B.Sc Haifa Technion)

    Israel Insurance Institute (graduated with distinction 1961)

    Post-Graduate Business Administration Degree

    Lecture rat the Israel Insurance Institute

    Lecture rat the Academic Insurance Institute

    Member of Policy Wording Committee –Israeli Insurance Company Association

    Chairman of Israel Association of Loss Adjusters – Property Division

    Chairman of Israel Association of Academic Property Assessors

  1962 – 1998     :  Robert Marcus Loss Adjusters

  Managing Director and active Senior Adjuster

  1999                 :  Independent consultant to Israel Phoenix Assurance Co. Ltd

  2000 – 2003     :  Founder and co-owner of Cam on Consultants Ltd

  (Operative in the fields of underwriting,risk management, claims)

  Co-Owner of Cam on Surveying Ltd

  (Operative in provision of risk survey services)

  2004 – 2009      :  Consultant to Teva Pharmaceutical Industrial

  (Property Damage & Business Interruption insurance and claims)

  May 2009           :  Robert Marcus Loss Adjusters

  Resumed activity in the Company - appointment as C.E.O.

  Currently President of the Company.

General Manager:  Vidar  , Yair 

  Haifa Technion  Diploma in Property Management & Assessment

  Insurance College   Diploma in Loss Adjustment

  Electronic Technician 

  1995 -2003              Loss Adjuster (Kiseler & Co –Haifa)

  2004 – Present       Robert Marcus Loss Adjusters Ltd

The Claim Handling Team

In addition to the above, the firm employs a number of Loss Adjusters, the senior of which areas follows:-

  Mechanical Engineers:         Mr .Menashe Lahat(M.S.C.)

                                                Mr Shay Igal (B.S.C.)

  Agronomists:                         Mr. Itzhak Yehuda(B.S.C.) 

  Adjusters:                               Mr Ronen Duani (B.A. Insurance)

                                                  Mr Shmuel Levy 

                                                  Mr Eliran Deri

                                                  Mr Ezra Cohen

Every two Loss Adjusters are assisted by a secretary, who is familiar with all their activities.

We are assisted by highly qualified and recognised consultants who are experts in specific fields, e.g., civil engineering, industrial engineering, electronic engineering, textile engineering, etc. We also employ a number of certified accountant firms.  As a consequence, we are able to deal with losses in virtually all areas with the advantage of authoritative expert advice.

Co-Operation Agreements

RobertMarcus Ltd – Charles Taylor Adjusting

Robert Marcus Loss Adjusters Ltd and Charles Taylor Adjusting signed a
Co-Operation Agreement which commenced on 1st March 2011. 

Robert Marcus are the market leaders for loss adjusting in Israel, and are highly experience din dealing with major insurance claims, mainly in the industrial sector.  Charles Taylor Adjusting, based in London,are one of the leading international loss adjusters and have offices world-wide, including in Europe, the Americas, Asia,
the Middle East & Australia.

This Co-Operation Agreement is of mutual benefit to both companies and strengthens the standing in the international market, giving the highest added-value to handling claims.

RobertMarcus Ltd – Paragon Risk Engineering

In October 2014 Robert Marcus Loss Adjusters Ltd and Paragon Risk Engineering Inc. signed a Co-Operation Agreement with regard to utilizing their worldwide coverage to carry out Risk Surveys for Israeli owned multi-national companies.  This will provide the market with unlimited access to all areas of the world at very competitive prices for such work.


Claims Management and Handling

We specialize in dealing with catastrophic loss situations. Our experience comes from dealing with numerous losses inflicted by the Scud missiles which hit Israelat the beginning of 1991 and from a major explosion which occurred in July 1992. In both cases we managed the adjustment and settlement of many thousands of claims. In one case on behalf of the Government and in the other case it was on behalf of the involved liability Insurers/Re insurers. We were the nominated loss adjusters for the erection for the Had era Power Station (by the Swiss Re).  We were the loss adjusters, together with Miller International, for the Ashkelon power station project of the Munich Re the value of the project was about US$ 1.5 billion.

From the experience gained to date we are in a position to manage and deal with loss situations of this kind, either by using our own adjusters or by using other adjusting firm sunder our full control and supervision, or a combination of both.

We have developed working procedures which enables us to deal effectively with loss situations where thousands or even tens of thousands of claims are involved.  This could also facilitate Insurers in case of an earthquake, although we do of course hope that Israel would not be subject to such a catastrophe.

We have closely supervised and monitored the progress of a number of Erection Projects valued in the region of hundreds of millions of US Dollars, including the erection of the unique Magnesium Plan tat the Dead Sea and the Power Station at Had era.  We were also appointed to survey and monitor the erection of the Power Station at Ashkelonas well as the construction of the Ayalon Highways Project.

We are currently the nominated loss adjusters for the ICL Conglomerate, comprising Dead Sea Works Ltd., Dead Sea Magnesium Ltd., Dead Sea Periclase Ltd., Bromide Compounds Ltd., Rotem Amfert Negev Ltd., Oil Refineries Ltd., Chemicals and Fertilisers Ltd., on behalf of Interested Re insurers. We were also the nominated loss adjuster on many other industrial /commercial policies.

Several years ago, we were engaged in loss adjusting the biggest loss ever seen in Israel at that time, a fire in a power station which was settled in the region of
US$ 57 million.  Thereafter, we adjusteda loss in the plastics industry which total led (Property Damage + Business Interruption) US$ 80 million.

In the past we every successfully handled, the largest explosion damage claim in the Israel Military Industries which affected the most highly populated residential are ain Israel which resulted in approximately 6,500 individual third party claims.  Only five of these third party claims went to court and they were not accepted.

We have also settled two other large claims in the hi-tech industry, both of which involveda U.S. entity, one of which was settled at US$ 20 million and the other at
US$ 13 million, led by Zurich US Insurance Co.

We are closely involved in the chemical and petro-chemical industries and we recently settleda claim with Oil Refineries for US$ 14 million combined PD + BI losses.  We are currently involved on a day-to-day basis with claims and provide services to Insurers and Re insurers engaged in these fields of activity.

Our in-house claims handling team comprises of engineers and other professionals. During the years we have been appointed to deal with numerous Product Liability claims and in particular those involving agricultural entities claiming against manufacturers of pesticides and fertilisers, mainly those involving the largest manufacturer of same in Israel, Mess rs. Mahkeshim – Agan. Our in-house engineers have extensive experience in handling heavy mechanical and electrical equipment claims.

We are engaged in handling Professional Liability and Product Liability claims on a world wide basis. 

Having two very experienced agronomists on our adjusting stuff, we handle many and complicated losses connected to agriculture.

Loss Adjustment:

Areas of Loss Adjustment:

Fire and Contingencies especially Hi-tech, Chemical and Petro-chemical industries as well as Israel Aircraft Industries

Mechanical and Electrical Breakdown including Heavy Mechanical Equipment

Deterioration/Spoilage of Stock

Electronic Data Processing equipment and other electronic risks

Contractors All Risks

Erection All Risks

Aviation Losses (small aircraft)

Consequential Losses and ALOP (Advanced Loss of Profits)

Third Party Claims (material damage)

Products Liability

Fidelity Guarantee

Major Marine Claims

Goods in transit

Concept of dealing with larger and special losses:

In dealing with larger and more complicated losses, we have adopted a team approach.  Under this concept, we put together a team of adjusters and experts required in order to deal efficiently and effectively with the loss.

A team' is headed by the Managing Director of the firm and comprises of further adjuster shaving the specific know-how in the various engineering fields according to the circumstances of the specific loss. The team approach benefits all parties involved and may include, depending on the specific case, a fire expert, acertified accountant and experts in any other field which might be required.

Risk Surveys & Underwriting Information Surveys, in the following areas:

Fire and contingencies

Mechanical Breakdown

Electronic Equipment

Deterioration of Stock

Contractors All Risks

Erection All Risks

Consequential Loss

Third Party Liability

Product Liability

Environmental Risks Evaluation

Valuation of Assets:

On New Replacement Value or Actual Value for insurance purposes

On Actual Value, Market Value, Realisation Value, etc., for all other purposes

Note: On valuation of Real Estate, we employ certified Real Estate Valuers


As a leading company in the local loss adjusting market, we provide loss adjusting services to the International Insurance market. As a result of which, over the years close relations have developed with various insurance carriers, like Munich Re, Swiss Re, A.I.G., Reliance, Cigna,Lloyds Underwriters, Royal Sun alliance, FMI, HSB, etc.

As the international market has come to appreciate the services we offer and value our professionalism and reliability we have been nominated to handle major claim cases in large industrial entities in Israelas follows:

-    The Petro-Chemical and Chemical Industries (Oil-Refineries, Haifa Chemicals,

Israel Chemical Industries etc).

-  Israel Chemical Ltd., (Dead Sea Works Ltd. - various major damages concerning engineering works, Dead Sea Magnesium Ltd., Rotem Fertilizers, Dead Sea Bromine Ltd. etc.)

-  Largecivil engineering and project construction works, like, Ayalon Highway (we are the nominated loss adjusters), erection of power stations - Rutenberg C project,Had era Power Station.

-  Leading contractors in Israel, including, Solel Boneh Ltd., Kanit Investments Ltd.,Ravad Ltd., Israel Brust. Ltd., Ortam-Sahar Ltd., Cementkal Ltd., Azorim Ltd.,Denya  Cibous Ltd.

All the above in addition to the following:

Israel Chemicals Ltd. (ICL)

Leading Supermarket chains in Israel

The Israel Military Industries (IMI)

The Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI)

Bezeq Ltd. Israeli Telecommunications Company

Mekorot Israel Ltd. - The National Water Company

Israel Electric Corporation Ltd. (IEC)

Koor Conglomerate

The Oil Refineries (ORL)

The Israeli Postal Authority

Clal Conglomerate

Various Hotels of the leading world-wide chains.

The National Company for Transportation &Infrastructure (Netivei Israel – formerly PWD)

Banks, Hi-Techindustry, etc.