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Teamwork &Specialized Project Management


In dealing with larger and more complicated losses, we have adopted a team approach.  We put together a unique team of adjusters and specialized experts required to deal efficiently and effectively with the specific loss.

A team' is headed by the senior management of the firm and comprises off urther adjusters having the specific know-how in the various engineering/ agricultural and other fields according to the circumstances of the specific loss.  The team approach benefits all parties involved and may include, depending on the specific case, a fire expert, a certified accountant , civil engineers, failure analysis experts and experts in any other field that may be required.

Fire in a factory


 Heavy mechanical equipment

Why You Should Work With Us

Have a look at some of our professional work and unique loss adjustment cases:

We specialize in working with catastrophic loss situations. Our experience come sfrom dealing with numerous losses inflicted by Scud missiles, which hit Israel at the beginning of 1991 and from amajor explosion, which occurred in July 1992. In both cases we managed the adjustment and settlement of many thousands of claims - in one case on behalf of the Government and in the other case on behalf of the liability Insurers/Reinsurers.

We were the nominated loss adjusters for the erection for the Had era Power Station (by the Swiss Re). We were the loss adjusters, together with Miller International, for the Ashkelon power station project of the Munich Re the value of the project was about US$ 1.5 billion. 


Inthe past we successfully handled the large st explosion damage claim in the Israel Military Industries, whic haffected the most highly populated residential area in Israel and resulted in approximately 6,500 individual third party claims. Only five of the sethird party claims went to court and all were rejected. 

We have also settled two other large claims in the hi-tech industry, both of which involved a U.S. entity, one of which was settled at US$ 20 million and the other at US$ 13 million, led by Zurich Insurance Co (USA). 

We are closely involved in the chemical and petro-chemical industries and we recently settled a claim with Oi Refineries for US$ 14 million combined PD + BI losses. We are currently involved on a day-to-day basis with claims and provide services to Insurers and Re insurers engaged in these fields of activity. 

Our in-house claims handling team comprises of engineers and other professionals.  During the years we have been appointed to deal with numerous Product Liability claims and in particular those involving agricultural entities claiming against manufacturers of pesticides and fertilizers,mainly those involving the largest Israeli manufacturer of same, Mess rs.Mahkeshim – Agan.

Our in-house engineers have extensive experience in handling heavy mechanical and electrical equipment claims. 

We are engaged in handling Professional Liability and Product Liability claims on a worldwide basis.  Having two very experienced agronomists on our adjusting stuff, we handle many and complicated losses connected to this field of expertise.